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Park City School District

For more information see This Week at PCHS

Memorial Day 5K

Park City Parents and Community,

If you haven't ever had the chance to participate in the PCHS Memorial Day 5k, now is your chance! The National Honor Society will hold it's 9th annual 5k this Memorial Day, May 28, 2018, to honor the loved ones we have lost from the Park City community. The race will begin at 9:00 a.m. Same-day Registration and tee-shirt pick up will begin at 8:00. You can pre-register online HERE, in addition to reading a brief history of the event. The race will begin and end at Dozier field at Park City High School. There will be food, live music, and a raffle drawing after the race, as well as a chance to see the banners lining the track that honor the loved ones lost from our community.

Outstanding Fee Balances

Attention Parents! The end of the year is fast approaching. Please check to make sure your student doesn't owe school fees, which might hinder their year-end check-out process. You can look up and pay fees in eFunds for Schools. Call the office if you have questions.

NOTE: Seniors will NOT be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies if fees are still owed.

Park City High School will embark on an adventure of a lifetime to Bali, Indonesia

In less than two weeks, students from Park City High School will embark on an adventure of a lifetime to Bali, Indonesia. The purpose of this humanitarian trip is to assist in the construction and placement of artificial reefs off the northern and southern coasts of Bali. The PC students, under the direction of Padma Organization, will also help with water purification systems, among other projects benefiting the local Bali community.

The students have put together an online auction to raise funds for service projects while they are in Bali, in addition to students that are still in need of financial assistance.
Please contact Hayden Manninen for more information.

Thank you for your support!

Class of 2018 Final Transcripts

Seniors may request an official transcript be sent to a college or university by entering a transcript request in their Naviance account. Counselors will be in the 12th grade English classes May 21 and 22 to show seniors how to request their final transcripts through Naviance. Final graduated transcripts will be ready on June 8.

Click "More" for important information about requesting transcripts during the summer!

***IMPORTANT NOTE about transcript requests in JUNE: During the month of June, Class of 2018 graduates can request an official transcript be sent to a college via their Naviance account (see the Transcripts page). Most schools will accept electronic transcripts. However, if the college does NOT accept electronic transcripts via Naviance (indicated by a "stamp" icon), a paper copy must be mailed. For an official mailed paper transcript, provide the Registrar with a stamped envelope, addressed to the school--do NOT include a return address. The Registrar’s office can accommodate paper transcript requests through June 13. From June 13 through June 30, see the PCHS main office for paper transcripts. After June 30, graduated student records are moved to the District Office and you will need to contact them for paper transcripts via phone at 435-645-5600 or in person. There is a small fee for transcripts at the District Office.


Keep Calm, Your school counselor can help.

New Student Enrollment for the 2018-19 School Year

PCHS is now pre-enrolling NEW students for the 2018-19 school year (for students not currently enrolled in the district). For an enrollment packet and instructions, see the New Student Enrollment page. The deadline to pre-enroll is May 31. After May 31st, enrollments will need to wait until August.

NOTE: TMJH 9th graders are automatically transferred to PCHS for 10th grade--they do not need to be re-enrolled.

Civics Exam Required for Graduation

Utah Code 53A-13-109.5 requires that all students pass a basic Civics exam in order to graduate from high school. Opting-out of the state’s pass requirement is not an option.

Seniors and early graduates must take (and pass) the exam on one of the testing days below IF THEY did not pass the civics exam in their Government class or on one of the make-up test days, OR do not have a Government class in their PCHS schedule, OR transferred to PCHS having already earned Government credit, OR are taking the Government class through an online provider.

The TWO FINAL opportunities to take and pass the exam:
Tuesday, May 15, at 2:30pm in Room 237
Tuesday, May 22, at 2:30pm in Room 237 -This is your last chance!

The exam will take no longer than 45 minutes and students will need their laptops (bring a charger if needed). This is a Pass/Fail exam and will NOT affect GPA or any course grades.

The exam is 50 multiple choice questions derived from the Civics Test used by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Study materials and practice questions can be found at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website:

Please direct questions to the Registrar or your Counselor.



Need more information regarding graduation?
This might answer your questions. Please click here for more information.

More News and Information

Honors English 10 and AP Lang and Composition Summer Reading Requirement

Park City High School 2018 Honors English 10 Summer Reading Requirement

Park City High School 2018 AP Language and Composition Summer Reading Requirements


Online Fee Payments & Lunch Accounts

Pay School Fees Online: e-Funds for Schools
School fees can be paid online with a credit/debit card or checking account. You set up and maintain your own e-Funds account. The school will never have access to your banking information. You have the flexibility of making payments any time from home and you even have the option to make recurring payments or installments. You can pay for all of your students on one e-Funds account. (If you set up an account last year, you can use that account again.)

Online Lunch Account System: PayPams (lunch balances roll over each year).
For information and instructions on PayPams, see this flyer (en Español)

Your children may qualify for free or reduced price meals. The application is also available in 33 languages.


Parent Laptop Orientation

Parent Laptop Orientation for parents of students in grades 6 - 12 is conducted online every year. Please complete this orientation as soon as possible, this is required of every parent of a Park City High School student.

Presentación en línea sobre las computadoras - Las direcciones españolas

As part of our high access initiative all Park City School District students in grades 6 through 12 receive laptops. The directions below pertain only to the parents of these students. Please follow them carefully so your student may receive a laptop on the day designated by your student's school. Details on laptop distribution vary at each building and more information can be found at the school's website or in the registration packet.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login to View Training
  3. Select New User - I do not have a Personal ID and click Next
  4. Enter Organization ID as 70308p and click Submit
  5. Enter Your Preferred Personal ID (recommended as First Name and Last Name with no spaces) and click Submit
  6. Complete the following fields keeping in mind:
    • This orientation only needs to be completed once per family if the boxes are filled out correctly
    • First Name (Legal) and Last Name reference the parent going through the Laptop Orientation
    • School, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Grade Level reference the OLDEST student belonging to this family in the Park City School District
    • Additional Student Names references all other students in grades 6-12 belonging to this family in Park City School District. Please use legal names and enter the school in parenthesis, i.e. Barney Rubble (EHMS), Fred Flinstone (TMJH).
    • Email Address reference the parent going through the Laptop Orientation
  7. Click Submit after filling out the above fields in the appropriate manner
  8. Click View next to Electronic Device Orientation - Park City in the Tutorial Progress>Required box and follow the directions of the tutorial (Si lo quiere en espanol se encuentran por el Optional caja)

Logout after finishing the tutorial. Make sure you have reviewed and electronically signed both the Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Electronic Device User Agreement (EDUA) during the Infosnap online registration process. Students will not receive their laptop until all three pieces (Orientation, AUP, and EDUA) have been received and recorded by school officials.


Driver Education

Park City High School does not offer a Driver Education class. For some local and popular online provider options, see this Driver Education Information Flyer. See the Utah Department of Public Safety website for information on obtaining a Learner Permit (must be 15 years of age) and for a listing of state-approved Driver Education providers.


Parent Canvas Logins

Based on a change with the Canvas PowerSchool Integration process, we are making a change to how Parent Observer Accounts work in Park City School District. Parents will now create their own account and link to all their PCSD Students. Provided below is a list of information each parent will need to have on hand and links to the instructions on creating the account and linking the students.

Gather the Canvas Login information for your student(s)
Quick access to your personal email account
Use a computer to navigate to
Follow the How Do I Sign Up for a Canvas Account as a Parent Guide
Add another student (or two or three) by following the How do I link to another student as an observer Guide
Review the Observer Guide for an overview of what to expect
NOTE: PCSD Employees wishing to observe their students within PCSD should NOT use their email address. They should use a personal email address.