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Kathleen Einhorn, Interim Principal

Assistant Principals
Caleb Fine
Phyllis Suggett

1750 Kearns Blvd
Park City, UT 84060
Phone: 435-645-5650
Fax: 435-645-5658

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Park City School District

For more information see This Week at PCHS

Early Dismissal and Bus Procedure during Sundance

During Sundance, January 18-26, PCHS students will be released early and busing will be modified to accommodate the increased traffic due to the Film Festival. Students will be released at 2:15pm on January 18 and 23-25. On January 19 and 26, they will be released at 2:25pm. On January 22, they will be released at 1:45pm (no change).

  • The bus lineup may be arranged differently. Changes will be posted at PCHS and TMJH.
  • Before school, the buses will drop off students in front of the school as usual.
  • After school, PCHS students will board the buses in the one-way horseshoe BEHIND the high school. NOTE: Bus 11 will pick up in FRONT of the school for wheelchair access.
  • Parents should drop off and pick up students in FRONT of the school (do NOT use the back horseshoe).
  • Busing for activities, sports, and field trip will use the horseshoe behind the school.
  • The "After School Activity Bus" will load in the horseshoe behind the school at 4:05pm.

Parking at PCHS will be limited during Sundance. Please consider car pooling or riding the bus. If the main lots are full, you will have to park in the LDS church parking lot on Monitor and Lucky John. Please allow yourself adequate time to park in case you need to park at the church lot. You must park legally or you will be towed.

Questions may be directed to the PCHS Main Office or the Transportation Department at 435-645-5660.

Semester 2 begins January 16

Semester 2 begins on Tuesday, January 16 (no school January 15). Students can see their 2nd semester schedules in PowerSchool. Log into PowerSchool, go to the My Schedule section and click the Matrix tab (screen shot). If you need help, bring your laptop to the Counseling Office and the Registrar, Mrs. Frink, will help you.

NOTE: If you already completed a schedule change that involves dropping or adding a full-year class, that change will NOT display in PowerSchool until the day before the new term begins. Mrs. Frink will have all schedule changes complete in PowerSchool by afternoon on Monday, January 15.

Your lunch time may be changing! If your 3rd period is changing, check the "What Lunch Do I Have?" signs or ask your teacher.

Schedule changes: The last day to request a schedule change will be Friday, January 19. Students can inquire about a schedule change in the Counseling Office. Schedule changes are dependent on space availability.

Q2 Report Cards: Report cards will be ready for viewing in PowerSchool no later than 4:00pm on January 19. We will send an email to both parents and students when it's ready.

PCHS Students need to register for AP exams:

Celebrate your student's school year in a memorable way


The Senior Graduation Ads are now available to purchase. Click Here to order your ad by February 16th, 2018:

This is a great way to celebrate your senior!

Contact Natalie Star at with any questions.

Yearbook Staff

Concurrent Enrollment Registration - Semester 2

UVU Concurrent Enrollment registration for spring semester is now open. Students who will be starting a concurrent enrollment class second semester, and haven't yet registered with UVU, please note the following deadlines (deadlines are not extended). For all the important details, see

January 19 - Last day to complete UVU admissions (apply, pay fee, and get UVID number)
January 24 - Last day to submit transcripts and test scores for Math and English (see Ms. Frink in the counseling center)
January 24 - Last day to submit "Sophomore by Exception Application"
January 26 - Last day to complete course signup for Juniors and Seniors. Tuition due!

PCHS Sponsored Dances

As per the Park City High School Student Handbook:
No student without a Park City High student identification card will be allowed at a PCHS sponsored dance. Guests may be brought to a PCHS sponsored dance if a PCHS student sponsors the guest, the guest is age 20 or less, and has been pre-registered in the attendance office at least 24 hours in advance. The guest must also agree to abide by all of the PCHS and PCSD rules. Ninth grade & younger school students are NOT allowed to attend PCHS dances.

More News and Information

Transcripts and Applying for College

Our Application Process for Colleges & Universities page offers a step-by-step guide on applying for college admissions. See the Transcripts page for information on requesting official transcripts.


Online Fee Payments & Lunch Accounts

Pay School Fees Online: e-Funds for Schools
School fees can be paid online with a credit/debit card or checking account. You set up and maintain your own e-Funds account. The school will never have access to your banking information. You have the flexibility of making payments any time from home and you even have the option to make recurring payments or installments. You can pay for all of your students on one e-Funds account. (If you set up an account last year, you can use that account again.)

Online Lunch Account System: PayPams (lunch balances roll over each year).
For information and instructions on PayPams, see this flyer (en Español)

Your children may qualify for free or reduced price meals. The application is also available in 33 languages.


New Student Enrollment

See the New Student Enrollment page for detailed instructions.


Parent Laptop Orientation

Parent Laptop Orientation for parents of students in grades 6 - 12 is conducted online every year. Please complete this orientation as soon as possible, this is required of every parent of a Park City High School student.

Presentación en línea sobre las computadoras - Las direcciones españolas

As part of our high access initiative all Park City School District students in grades 6 through 12 receive laptops. The directions below pertain only to the parents of these students. Please follow them carefully so your student may receive a laptop on the day designated by your student's school. Details on laptop distribution vary at each building and more information can be found at the school's website or in the registration packet.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login to View Training
  3. Select New User - I do not have a Personal ID and click Next
  4. Enter Organization ID as 70308p and click Submit
  5. Enter Your Preferred Personal ID (recommended as First Name and Last Name with no spaces) and click Submit
  6. Complete the following fields keeping in mind:
    • This orientation only needs to be completed once per family if the boxes are filled out correctly
    • First Name (Legal) and Last Name reference the parent going through the Laptop Orientation
    • School, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Grade Level reference the OLDEST student belonging to this family in the Park City School District
    • Additional Student Names references all other students in grades 6-12 belonging to this family in Park City School District. Please use legal names and enter the school in parenthesis, i.e. Barney Rubble (EHMS), Fred Flinstone (TMJH).
    • Email Address reference the parent going through the Laptop Orientation
  7. Click Submit after filling out the above fields in the appropriate manner
  8. Click View next to Electronic Device Orientation - Park City in the Tutorial Progress>Required box and follow the directions of the tutorial (Si lo quiere en espanol se encuentran por el Optional caja)

Logout after finishing the tutorial. Make sure you have reviewed and electronically signed both the Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Electronic Device User Agreement (EDUA) during the Infosnap online registration process. Students will not receive their laptop until all three pieces (Orientation, AUP, and EDUA) have been received and recorded by school officials.


Driver Education

Park City High School does not offer a Driver Education class. For some local and popular online provider options, see this Driver Education Information Flyer. See the Utah Department of Public Safety website for information on obtaining a Learner Permit (must be 15 years of age) and for a listing of state-approved Driver Education providers.


Parent Canvas Logins

Based on a change with the Canvas PowerSchool Integration process, we are making a change to how Parent Observer Accounts work in Park City School District. Parents will now create their own account and link to all their PCSD Students. Provided below is a list of information each parent will need to have on hand and links to the instructions on creating the account and linking the students.

Gather the Canvas Login information for your student(s)
Quick access to your personal email account
Use a computer to navigate to
Follow the How Do I Sign Up for a Canvas Account as a Parent Guide
Add another student (or two or three) by following the How do I link to another student as an observer Guide
Review the Observer Guide for an overview of what to expect
NOTE: PCSD Employees wishing to observe their students within PCSD should NOT use their email address. They should use a personal email address.