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Park City School District

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New Student Enrollment

New student enrollment will begin August 5th from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Please visit the New Student Enrollment page for instructions. All documentation must be received and the InfoSnap registration completed before students will be able to meet with a school counselor to create a schedule. Beginning August 3rd, please contact Kristen Hall if you have any questions, or 435-645-5657.

Math Concurrent Enrollment

Many concurrent enrollment classes require placement testing, which helps determine whether or not you are adequately prepared to take certain college level courses. You are receiving this email because your child is enrolled in College Prep Math (MATH 1010) or MATH 1050/1060 for the upcoming school year, but has not taken the Accuplacer and/or provided qualifying ACT scores. Click "more" below to see the qualifying scores for ACT and Accuplacer.

Qualifying scores for ACT and Accuplacer are as follows:

College Prep Math (MATH 1010):

  • A math ACT score of 19.
  • You may substitute an ACT score with a UVU Accuplacer assessment. MATH 1010 requires an Accuplacer Elementary Algebra score of ≥ 61 or a College Level Math score of ≥ 30.

MATH 1050/1060:

  • A math ACT score of 23.
  • You may substitute an ACT score with a UVU Accuplacer assessment. MATH 1050/1060 requires an Accuplacer score of ≥ 60 on the College Level Math.

We will not be offering the Accuplacer test at Park City High School this year, however you may take the test at the Utah Valley University (UVU) Wasatch campus. For more information, please visit their website at​ or contact the campus via phone at 801-863–6608. St​udents who are not eligible for concurrent enrollment credit, may still be in the class, however will not receive college credit and do not need to pay the concurrent enrollment fee. Should you have questions, please contact your academic counselor, Mrs. Alcox, or Ms. Anderson at 435-645-5650.


PCHS Library

PCHS Library

Media Specialist

The high school library is being repurposed, not torn down. The area will still remain for student collaboration, teacher work areas for classes, and increased usage for the space. It will also house the PCCAPS Program for two of the eight classes. E-books, not e-readers, will be offered free of charge to all students with full usage through the student computers. PCCAPS had a 2-year lease in the current facility. The lease expired and Park City School District had to find a new location for the program. Park City School District Leadership and Board had a desire to move it back in the high school. We explored possible locations in the high school and determined that the media center was the best location as it has decreased in utilization and desire it to be an area of collaboration and learning. Students will still have access and more collaborative space. In addition, the PCHS Media Specialist was forward thinking and has been working with administration to increase utilization. PCSD has secured an e-book resource to provide student access to books because we have seen a continual decrease of physical books being utilized and an increase of e-books. In fact, we have secured a grant with Overdrive, which is a regional grant through our regional education service center, which will allow shared access to collections that include fiction, non-fiction, and reference e-books. In addition, we are using a portion of the media funds to acquire licenses specific to Park City School District K-12 for these e-book resources. We are encouraged by the involvement of the community and invite interested individuals to participate in the programming of the schools and the media centers, as we work through the Master Planning Process.

Parent Laptop Orientation

Parent Laptop Orientation for parents of students in grades 6 - 12 will be conducted online this year. Please complete this orientation as soon as possible.

As part of our high access initiative all Park City School District students in grades 6 through 12 receive laptops. The directions below pertain only to the parents of these students. Please follow them carefully so your student may receive a laptop on the day designated by your student's school. Details on laptop distribution vary at each building and more information can be found at the school's website or in the registration packet.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login to View Training
  3. Select New User - I do not have a Personal ID and click Next
  4. Enter Organization ID as 70308p and click Submit
  5. Enter Your Preferred Personal ID (recommended as First Name and Last Name with no spaces) and click Submit
  6. Complete the following fields keeping in mind:
    • This orientation only needs to be completed once per family if the boxes are filled out correctly
    • First Name (Legal) and Last Name reference the parent going through the Laptop Orientation
    • School, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Grade Level reference the OLDEST student belonging to this family in the Park City School District
    • Additional Student Names references all other students in grades 6-12 belonging to this family in Park City School District. Please use legal names and enter the school in parenthesis, i.e. Barney Rubble (EHMS), Fred Flinstone (TMJH).
    • Email Address reference the parent going through the Laptop Orientation
  7. Click Submit after filling out the above fields in the appropriate manner
  8. Click View next to Electronic Device Orientation - Park City in the Tutorial Progress>Required box and follow the directions of the tutorial (Si lo quiere en espanol se encuentran por el Optional caja)

Logout after finishing the tutorial and make sure you have reviewed and signed both the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and the Electronic Device User Agreement found in your registration packet. Students may not receive their laptop until all three pieces (Orientation, AUP, and EDUA) have been received and recorded by school officials.

Electronic Device Orientation - Spanish


Online Driver's Education Course for PCHS Students - $2

Online Driver's Education Course for PCHS Students - for just $2! The course is offered through the Northern Utah Education Service Center

The course costs $62, paid through a credit card. Once complete, $60.00 will be reimbursed. This course provides the classroom portion. Students still have to take the driver hours (6 hours) and observation hours (6 hours).

Information Regarding the Concerns With the Infectious Disease Preparation

For Information Regarding the Concerns With the Infectious Disease Preparation Drill click Here