Park City High School
Park City High School

National Honors Society

Group Projects

      • REMINDER!!!! All members MUST complete 4 group projects per year. The board will notify all members on this page, Facebook, through emails, and at the meetings when there is an opportunity for group projects. The board will organize 2-3 group projects per month so there is NO excuse to be short on group projects. If you have any questions about group projects, or how many you have completed, please contact a board member.



  •     Sticker Boards are updated, if you have any questions about what requirements you have met, check the boards online
  •    If you have any issues with access to the canvas or the Sticker Board google doc, email or text a board member
  •    Let’s have a great year!

Member records:

These will be posted on the sticker boards online. Please check to see that our records of your participation are correct and talk to a board member about any discrepancies.  Members who have not met their requirements will not receive credit for participation & will not receive their certificate/sash.

Member requirements:

      • 5 service hours per quarter
      • 4 group projects (2 each semester)
      • Participation in the Food Drive
      • 2 group projects for the 5K

Probation Hours:

Extra Group Project

  • Missing 4 or more meetings
  • Missing a group project without finding a substitute

2 extra hours

  • Failure to turn in quarter hours

Officer Contact Information:

President: Kat Cantlebary (435)-414-1850

Vice President: Haley Fort (435)-901-0996

Senior Representatives: Sissy Saarela (435)-659-8854 and Katelyn Thompson (435)-659-5046

Secretary: Sophie Robison (435)-901-9483

Communications: Martina Herbert (435)-659-0168

Junior Rep: Savannah Sondrup (801)-940-4928 and Bailey Hoglin (435)-901-4889

Sophomore Rep: Sierra Wells (435)-640-3682


Service Hours

Please check on Canvas for individual service hour opportunities! 


Summer Hours
Quarter Hours
Probation Hours
NHS Bylaws