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Application Process for Colleges and Universities

Step 1: Gather Information

The college application process differs at each institution.  Research the requirements for admissions application, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and housing before fall of senior year using Naviance and by visiting the college’s website.

Create a timeline to complete the steps below well in advance of the college’s deadline.  Colleges do not extend deadlines.  The admissions office must receive your application, fee payment, ACT/SAT test scores, and transcript before the deadline.  This is also true for financial aid, scholarship and housing deadlines.

Step 2: Fill out Application & Pay Fee

The actual college application should be completed by following the steps outlined on the college’s website.  At the end of the application, complete the fee payment process.  Plan to attend our Utah College Application Week (UCAW) sessions, fall of Senior year; some colleges waive the application fee during these sessions.

If you are in need of financial assistance, please speak to your counselor about the possibility of obtaining a fee waiver.  The college will not process the application until the fee is paid or waived.

Step 3: Request Transcript via Naviance

Park City High School uses the Naviance program to submit documents to colleges.  Click “How to Enter a Transcript Request in Naviance” below for instructions on adding colleges to your application list and requesting transcripts.  If you have questions, communicate directly with your counselor or the registrar.

Transcript requests typically take 1-3 days to process.  Make sure you’re requesting your transcript well in advance of the admissions deadline.  Naviance doesn’t send your transcript automatically–a person sends your transcript after receiving your request, so requests made after school hours, on weekends, or during holiday breaks won’t be processed until at least the next school day.

NOTE:  Some colleges ask for self-reported grades in their application and do NOT require a transcript be sent during the application process.  Make sure you are following each college’s admissions requirements for high school transcripts.

Adding to your “Colleges I’m Applying To” list and Requesting Transcripts:

  1. Log into your Naviance account
  2. Click the Colleges tab
  3. Click on Colleges I’m Thinking About
  4. If you have colleges in your list that you will be applying to, select the colleges, then click Move to Application List.
  5. If you don’t have any colleges listed, click on Colleges I’m Applying To and add colleges.
  6. Choose the Application Type (Regular Decision, Priority, Early Decision, Early Action)
  7. Check the Request box under the Transcript column
  8. Check the I Have Submitted My Application box if you have already applied. If you have not, remember to check the box when you do!
  9. Click the Add button to complete the request
  10. If asked, indicate how you are applying (Directly to the institution or Common Application)

NOTE: Never add colleges more than once to the Colleges I’m Applying To list!

If the college is already in your “Colleges I’m Applying To” list:

  1. Go to the Colleges I’m Applying To page, or the Transcripts page
  2. Click the Request Transcripts link
  3. Under Current Applications, check the Add Request box next to the college, then click the Request Transcripts button.  If you have already requested a transcript for an application, it will not appear in the list.  To view the status of previous requests, see the “View the Status of Your Transcript Requests” below.

NOTE:  If the college’s submission type has a “stamp icon”, they do not accept electronic documents.  Please provide a BLANK stamped envelope for each non-electronic transcript requested.  Do NOT put a mailing address or return address on the envelope.  Bring the envelope(s) to the Registrar in the Counseling Office.  You still need to request the transcript in Naviance, so you can track the status of your request.

Keep your list of Colleges I’m Applying To up-to-date to avoid any problems!!

View the Status of Your Transcript Requests:

  1. Click the Colleges tab, then the Transcripts link on the left, then click View the Status of All My Transcript Requests.
  2. If you haven’t seen any movement on your request, don’t put in a another request–contact your Counselor or the Registrar to find out why.  If you are applying via Common App, your counselor needs to provide additional information before the transcript can be sent, which takes more time.
  3. If the college says they haven’t received your transcript, but Naviance says it was mailed, contact the college’s admissions office directly and ask them to double check if they’ve received it.  It can take up to 10 days for colleges to process transcripts and update their application status systems.  If they haven’t received it, contact the Registrar directly to have another one sent.

Non-College Transcript Requests (NCAA, scholarships, etc.):

  1. If you plan on playing Division I or II athletics, be sure to register with the NCAA.  Doing this will automatically create a transcript request for you.
  2. For scholarships and other transcript requests, go to the Colleges tab
  3. Click the Transcripts link on the left
  4. Click Request Transcripts for Scholarships or Athletics
  5. Complete the form. You must provide the address information–make sure it’s correct!
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click Add Transcript Requests

NOTE:  Don’t use this option to request copies of transcripts for yourself.  You can request personal copies from the Registrar, either by email (from your school email account) or in person in the counseling office.

Step 4: Send Official ACT/SAT Test Scores

Most colleges require official ACT/SAT test scores be sent directly from the testing agency.  There is a fee for sending official test scores to colleges.  Remember to request test scores well in advance of the college deadline.

PCHS has unofficial test scores and some colleges will accept them if attached to your transcript.  Check with the college via their admissions website or call them to find out before requesting a transcript in Naviance.  If the college will accept unofficial scores, you need to contact the Registrar directly and request that your test scores be sent with your transcript (do this before or immediately after you put your transcript request in Naviance).

NOTE:  Some colleges are now allowing students to self-report their test scores and won’t require official scores until the student is accepted and chooses to enroll.  Make sure you research each college’s policy for submitting test scores.

ACT Scores:  You’ll need to create an account on the ACT website.  Go to the ACT Scores page and scroll down to the “Sending” section. Your ACT ID number can be found on the score report you received after taking the test, or see the counseling secretary, registrar, or your counselor.

SAT Scores:  You’ll need to create an account on the College Board website.  Go to the SAT Sending Scores page for information.

AP Scores:  You’ll need to create an account on the College Board website.  Go to the AP Score Reporting Services page and scroll down to “Ordering Score Reports Online” for information.

Optional: Recommendation Letters

Some colleges may recommend or require teacher recommendation letters as part of your application.  Some don’t want recommendation letters at all.  Check each college’s website for their application requirements.  If you are applying to colleges via The Common Application, continue through the Additional Steps section below.  If you are NOT applying via Common App, you must enter your recommendation letter request in Naviance AND notify your counselor.  Scroll down to “Step 7: Teacher Recommendation(s)” in the Additional Steps section below for instructions.

Additional Steps for Common Application Universities

Step 5: Match Common App & Naviance Accounts

Park City High School uses the Naviance program to submit documents to colleges.  If you are applying to colleges via The Common Application, you need to “match” your Common App and Naviance accounts so your counselor can send the required application support documents.

1. Create a Common Application Account
2. Add at least one college on your Common Application Account
3. Sign the CA FERPA Waiver & Authorization
4. Log into Naviance
5. Click on the Colleges Tab
6. Choose Colleges I’m Applying To
7. Go to Common App Matching
8. Enter the Email Address used for your Common App Account and your Date of Birth
9. Click Match

Step 6: Counselor Recommendation

The counselor recommendation is an important part of the application process for selective colleges.  The letter should include information about your contribution to the Park City High School community.  Please provide your counselor with detailed information about your involvement throughout high school.

A well-written recommendation letter takes time; please complete the Counselor Recommendation Survey and Parent Brag Sheet at least 3-4 weeks before your first deadline.  Failure to do so may result in your counselor’s inability to provide a letter for your college applications.

NOTE:  You MUST communicate with your counselor about your recommendation needs in addition to providing the survey and brag sheet.

1. Ask your counselor directly for a recommendation; tell her your first deadline
2. Log into Naviance and go to the About Me tab
3. Go to Tasks
4. Complete the Counselor Recommendation Survey
5. Go to the Naviance home page
6. Click on Document Library on the right side of the screen
7. Choose College Planning
8. Print the Parent Brag Sheet
9. Ask a parent to answer the questions and email it to your counselor

Step 7: Teacher Recommendation(s)

The teacher recommendation should provide college admissions committees an insight to you as a learner. The letter should include specific examples of classroom experiences with your teacher.  Again, a well-written recommendation letter takes time, please make a direct request with your recommender and complete the Teacher Recommendation Survey 3-4 weeks before your first deadline.  You may only request two teacher recommendation letters.

ONLY your counselor has access to submit your teacher’s recommendation letter to the college.  You must communicate with her directly about where to send specific letters.

NOTE:  Only PCHS teachers are supported by Naviance.  Non-PCHS teachers will need to send recommendations separately either through mail or email.

1. Ask your teacher directly for a recommendation; tell him/her your first deadline
2. Log into Naviance and go the About Me tab
3. Go to Tasks
4. Complete 1 or 2 Teacher Recommendation surveys
5. Go to the Colleges tab
6. Click on Letters of Recommendation
7. Click Add Request
8. From the drop down menu choose the teacher(s) name from the list
9. Check the “All current and future colleges I add to my Colleges I’m Applying to” box
10. Add any notes to the request
11. Click Submit

Sending Updated Q1 Transcripts and Mid-Year Reports to Common App Colleges

If students applied to Common App schools prior to Nov 1st, some of those colleges will require an updated Q1 transcript.  Students MUST alert their counselor directly if they wish to have a Q1 transcript and/or mid-year report sent to Common App colleges.  Not all colleges require it, but some will.