Naviance Student

Welcome Park City Miners!

  • PCHS Naviance Student Login
  • Username = the same one you use for your laptop (first initial, last name, grad year).
  • Password = the one you used for Naviance last year, BUT when you log in, you must create a NEW password.
    • Don’t know your password?  Click “Forgot your password” and enter your school email.  A temporary password will be sent to your email (check your spam folder if you don’t see it).  Use the temporary password to log in and create a NEW password.  Note that Naviance has new password requirements.

Naviance Student offers innovative, easy-to-use web applications for high school students and their parents.  It will help guide students’ academic and career choices, as well as providing you with opportunities of self-exploration, college research, resume building, and more.

Using the programs in Naviance Student, students will be able to link to useful websites, surveys and many relevant career and college topics.

You are welcome to use Naviance whenever you like, although there will be some counselor-directed curriculum, too.

Remember, the more you put into this system, the more you will benefit from it!!

Parents, for more information see the What is Naviance Student? (¿Qué es Naviance Student?) brochure.

**Transcripts Requests:  For important information about requesting Transcripts in Naviance, please see the Transcripts page of our website.