Park City High

Frequently Asked Questions

Conditions as of June 10, 2006.

1. Where will classes be conducted during construction?

Twenty four classroom/office portables were placed east of the Eccles Center, from approximately mid Dec. 2005 through the end of Jan. 2006. All were occupied by mid Feb. 2006. One additional portable was brought in to serve as a men's and women's restroom. Other classes were conducted in classrooms in the existing structure which are not going to be demolished during phase 1 construction.

2. What about snow removal?

Snow removal was done by High School custodians and Buildings and Grounds employees. It will be improved for the winter of 2006/2007 -- there were a few problems this past winter stemming from miscommunications between the two groups. A snow fighter meeting will be held in late October 2006, between the two groups to make sure assignments are clearly understood.

3. What technology will be available during construction?

The availability of technology has been very much the same as before demolition. Two new computer labs were created; services in the portables are the same as the brick and mortar classrooms.

4. How will we move equipment and materials?

A combination of district employees, outside contractors, and faculty moved all equipment and materials, primarily during the months of December, January and February

5. Where will equipment and furniture be stored?

Three storage containers in the west parking lot contain most of the furniture and equipment from the high school.

6. Will the building be ADA accessible during construction?

The building and portables have remained ADA accessible during construction. There were some problems with ramps at the portables but those problems have been corrected

7. Where will the school office, administration, and counseling department be housed?

Counseling is housed on the mezzanine between the two gyms. Administration/office is housed in the portable closest to the doors at the east end of the cafeteria.

8. What impact will construction have on high school activities?

There have been some inconveniences, and minor disruptions. Use of Dozier field for track and PE became limited about mid April, 3 baseball games had to be moved to the opposing teams' field, some Eccles Center activities have been inconvenienced, and 2006 graduation had to be moved to the Eccles Center, (which would have happened due to weather, regardless of construction at Dozier field).

9. What impact will this have on school lunch?

Food Services reports the interruptions have been minor, involving loss of hot water for short durations, some minor dust, but nothing of major proportions

10. What changes will be required of Sundance?

Parking and entourage entrance were the major disruptions. There were no utility disruptions during the entire festival. The disruptions to the 2006 festival might be the worst disruptions for the 3 years the festival will be impacted by construction.

11. How will the construction project be managed?

The project has always been under the Construction Manager/General Contractor form of project delivery, as were projects at McPolin, and Ecker Hill; and the Jeremy Ranch parking lot modification.

12. What will happen to the day care center?

The day care was moved to Trailside, as planned, about the middle of February, 2006. Day Care will move back to the High School in the summer of 2008, with a slight chance of moving earlier in 2008.

13. How will the Eccles Center be affected?

There have been inconveniences for performances due to heating problems and loss of domestic water. Power outages have been scheduled around performances at the Eccles. No performances have had to be canceled or rescheduled

14. Why is Dozier Field being upgraded?

With artificial turf use of the facility will be significantly increased and a greater variety of activities can be scheduled there. Maintenance and watering costs should drop dramatically.

15. How will construction affect the southwest parking lot and student drop-off & pick-up?

Drop off by parents will need to be in the east lot since construction materials will occupy the current drop off. Faculty and staff parking will be moved to the west side of the west lot.

16. What security will be provided during construction?

Fire alarms, phone, and all-call intercom are functioning normally. Life Safety agencies are familiar with the current layout of high school space. Going into the project it was felt additional cameras would be added but this became cost prohibitive due to the high cost of additional wiring, and moving the DVRs to a new location.

17. What impact will construction have on custodians?

The custodians have been doing their normal duties, and occasional extended duties due to construction. The portables have been well maintained, and some additional help has been given to the Learning Center.

18. Will the construction project increase the likelihood of power outages?

There have been more power outages than normal but these have all been planned for, and communicated to staff long before any power was shut off. When construction is complete the new building should see fewer power outages than have historically occurred.

19. Who is the contact for concerns or information about construction?

Steve Oliver is the contact person. He can be reached at 435-645-5600 ext 1437, his cell phone is 435-731-6082, and his e-mail address is