Park City High

New Student Enrollment

2016-2017 New Student Pre-Enrollment

PCHS allows pre-enrollment for the upcoming school year, during the month of May. If you would like to pre-enroll a student, fill out the Pre-Enrollment Packet and submit it and the required documentation listed on the packet cover page to the Registrar's office at PCHS. Paperwork received after May 31st will not be reviewed for enrollment until the month of August due to graduation and end of year wrap-up.



2015-2016 New Student Enrollment (CURRENT YEAR ONLY)

New Student Enrollment is required if one of the following statements is true:
1. The student has never been enrolled in a Park City School District school.
2. The student was previously enrolled in a Park City School District school, but withdrew to attend another school.
District policy on student enrollment: Policy 10010--Student Enrollment
  • Students coming from Treasure Mountain Junior High are automatically transferred to PCHS for 10th grade. You will use the Back-to-School Registration page.

  • New students who completed pre-enrollment before June 13th are already enrolled. You will get a registration letter in the mail the first week of August. You will need to complete ALL parts of Back-to-School Registration process.

  • Note to those transferring from Charters: Per district policy, if you currently live within the district boundary, and your student is currently attending Weilenmann School of Discovery or The Winter Sports School, and you would like them to enroll in Park City School District for the 2014-2015 school year, you must notify the district in writing no later than June 30, 2014 of your intention to enroll your student. After June 30, 2014, you must complete an Open Enrollment Application at the District Office, and enrollment will be pending approval based on space availability.

New Student Enrollment Requirements:

Step 1: Complete InfoSnap online registration and bring the required paperwork and documentation to the registrar's office at PCHS.
The following items are required for new student enrollment. The enrollment process will not move forward until the online registration and documenation are recieved. 
    • InfoSnap Online Registration- You must complete online registration at least 24 hours before your enrollment appointment. If you don't have internet access at home, you can use a computer at the school or at the public library. This link is ONLY for NEW Enrollments.

                      Access the online system here:

After completing online registration bring the following to the registrar's office of PCHS. No appointment necessary.

    • Proof of Residency- Bring a document showing proof of your primary residency in Park City. Examples include a gas or electric bill or a lease agreement in the parent/legal guardian's name. Cell phone, internet, and cable bills are NOT acceptable. Or bring your open enrollment approval letter if you live outside the school district boundries (district policy). 
    • Guardianship Papers- You must be the student's birth parent or court-appointed legal guardian to enroll a student in school. In cases of divorce, bring your court documents naming you as the primary custodial or joint-custodial parent.
    • Birth Certificate- Bring a copy of the student's full original birth certificate for age, parent, and legal name verification. We are required to enroll students under their full legal name, as listed on the birth certificate or name-change court order. Sorry, wallet-size birth certificate cards are no longer acceptable as a legal document.
    • Immunization Record- Bring a copy of your child's immunization record. Please review Utah's school immunization requirements-they may be different than the state you are coming from. By law, a student may be refused enrollment if his/her immunizations are not up-to-date.
    • Unofficial School Transcript- A copy of your student's most recent transcript (grades 9th forward)is required for discussing class placements and transfer of high school credits. Official records will be requested after your student is enrolled in school.
    • Withdrawal Form- If your student is transferring during the school year, please provide the withdrawal from from their previous school.

 Step 2: Meet with your student's academic counselor to discuss class placement. 

After the registrar has reviewed the required paperwork and documentation an appointment will be made with your student's counselor. Appointments will not be made until all required documentation is recieved. PCHS will request records from the previous school AFTER enrollment. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are responsible for providing the documents listed above for enrollment.  
In advance, please review the PCHS Course Catalog to see what classes are available and review the graduation requirements.
Step 3: Complete the fee payment paperwork and pay fees.
Fee related items (i.e.parking permits, fee waivers, PTSO membership, etc.) are handled through the main office of PCHS. Once your student's class schedule has been made, fees will be assessed. A list of fees is available here
Reference: Utah Laws 53A-2-201 and 53A-2-202, PCSD Policy 10010--Student Enrollment. If information becomes available that an enrolled student does not meet any of the criteria listed above and cannot furnish the necessary documentation of residency, that student will not be considered a legal resident of the district and enrollment will be terminated. A separate registration form and subsequent documentation must be completed for each child you are registering.