Park City High

National Honor Society



·       Sticker Boards are updated, if you have any questions about what requirements you have met, check the boards in Mr. Murphy's room!!

·    The NHS banquet will be on Tuesday, June 4th!

·    Thanks for all the good work this year!!

Member records:

These will be posted on the poster boards in Mr. Murphy’s room.  If you would like to be e-mailed a copy, please contact Jillian Queri.  Please check to see that our records of your participation are correct and talk to a board member about any discrepancies.  Members who have not met their requirements will not receive credit for participation & will not receive their certificate/sash. 

Member requirements:

      • 5 service hours per quarter 
      • 4 group projects 
      • Participation in the Food Drive
      • 2 group projects for the 5K

     Probation Hours:

4 extra hours

·      Failure to turn in summer hours

·      Missing two or more meetings without notifying an officer

·      Missing two or more group project of fundraiser shifts without notifying an officer

2 extra hours

·      Failure to turn in quarter hours

Officer Contact Information:

President: Zach Carfi (203) 313-8319

Vice President: Jack Runburg (435) 962-0542435 513 0447435 513 0447

Secretary: Jillian Queri (435) 513-1634

Treasurer: Patrick O'Brien (435) 729-0311

Historian: Emily Cannon (435) 901-0400

Head of Communications: Riley Runburg (435) 962-0541

Junior Board Representative: Kayla Guillory (435) 714-2397


Group Projects      

      • REMINDER!!!! All members MUST complete 4 group projects per year. The board will notify all members on this page, Facebook, through emails, and at the meetings when there is an opportunity for group projects. The board will organize 2-3 group projects per month so there is NO excuse to be short on group projects. If you have any questions about group projects, or how many you have completed, please contact a board member. 


           PC 5K 

      • Great work at the 5K everyone!! 

Service Hours


**Remeber that all members are REQUIRED to turn in 4 hours of community service per quarter!**

     Probation Hours

·      Please keep track of whether or not you owe probation hours.  Talk to a board member if you have any confusion of where you stand with our records.  

Individual Service Opportunity Hours


Big Brothers Big Sisters

·      If you are interested in being a mentor to an elementary school student contact Lindsey Gunderson at or sign up outside Mr. Murphy’s room.  For more information visit 


National Ability Center

·      They are looking for people to help with their aquatic, archery, and cycling programs. Contact Evan Kessler at 435-649-3991 ext 607 or