Park City High

College and Career Readiness (CCR) Planning

10th Grade

Counselors deliver curriculum in classrooms for two days each year to work on College and Career Readiness (CCR) with sophomores. Students will utilize the Utah Futures program to complete a work values inventory, explore careers, start college searches, do scholarship sorts, and to begin building a portfolio for use throughout high school. Counselors use this information to help students form their 10th grade CCR plan by considering course planning, exploring post high school options, planning for standardized testing, and encouraging engagement in resume boosting activities. After completion of the classroom activities, counselors meet with each sophomore to review their CCR plan, discuss junior year registration, and to answer any questions about post secondary planning.

Log on to Utah Futures to see these tools in action, and ask your student to show you their account:

11th grade

Counselors begin the college and career readiness process with juniors by delivering curriculum in classes in early January. Students will again use the Utah Futures program to refine career choices and link those pathways to college options. Juniors are given information on setting up individual CCR meetings, scheduling ACT/SAT testing dates and prep classes, graduation requirement review, and planning for senior year and college applications.
Parents and students are then invited to schedule an individual CCR appointment with their student’s counselor. These meetings will include an overview of what students should be doing during the spring of the junior year through the fall of senior year to prepare for college and graduation. Topics emphasized include graduation requirements, senior year planning, ACT and SAT exams, financial aid and scholarship information, and the college application process. Students are also advised as to what courses are recommended for college admissions. Students and parents are welcomed to ask questions about the college application process, admissions requirements, alternative post high school plans, etc.

Handouts from the junior year CCR meeting can be downloaded here: College Planning Packet.

12th grade

For seniors, counselors start the CCR process with curriculum in classrooms during the first week of September. The curriculum centers on what students need to be doing right away in the college application process, working towards graduation, and anticipating individual meetings with counselors. Counselors spend the months of September and October completing individual CCR meetings with all seniors assisting them with any and all of their post secondary planning as well as checking credits for progress towards graduation. Parents will receive a letter home detailing students’ graduation requirements and other pertinent information. Counselors’ record students’ goals at the time of meeting as well as at the end of the year to track their future plans.