Park City High

Course Catalog: Course Selection Information

Class Registration

Keep an eye on the Class Registration page for dates and information about class registration for next year (occurs in the spring).

New students, please see the New Student Enrollment page for class registration information specifically for new enrolling students. Your process is different!

About Our Course Offerings

Subject to Change:
All course offerings are subject to change based on:
1. Adequate course enrollment
2. Securing qualified teachers
3. Availability of a teaching facility and/or equipment

Course Fees:
Some courses require additional fees to help pay for specialized equipment or supplies. Course fees will be noted in the course descriptions. Fees are approved by the school board after the course catalog is published, therefore fees are subject to change. Fee waivers are available to families who qualify based on need. Contact financial secretary, Donna McManus with questions.

Course Locations:
Most of Park City High School classes are located on campus, but due to teacher or facility requirements, some courses may be located at Treasure Mountain Junior High. Students will be required to walk to the junior high school for those classes, even in bad weather. Course locations are always subject to change.

Course Descriptions:
Course descriptions are provided to help students and parents determine the content of our course offerings. Please read the descriptions fully and carefully. If further explanation is needed, please contact the teacher who is currently teaching the course. Teacher e-mail addresses are available on the Teacher Pages of our website.

Scheduling Concerns

The Park City High School master course schedule is generated by computer, based on the number of requests for each course, as submitted by students during the class registration process in March. Our master schedule strives to ensure equity and fairness to all students and to maintain balanced class loads.

Special Requests:
We are not able to offer the option of scheduling classes with specific teachers or at specific times.

Schedule Corrections:
If a scheduling error is made, counseling staff should be notified prior to or during the first week of school so corrections can be made with as little disruption as possible.

Schedule Changes:
The counseling staff works very hard to give students their first-choice electives. However, we may experience scheduling conflicts that require us to place students into one of their alternate elective choices. This is why we require students to select alternates--preferably ones they like! We use alternates only when scheduling conflicts cannot otherwise be resolved. Because the availability and staffing of all our courses depends upon the requests made during spring registration, we expect students to accept and complete the courses they requested, including their alternates. If you have a concern please see your counselor. Schedule changes must be approved by the counselor, teachers, parents, and sometimes an administrator. Not all schedule change requests can be granted due to class sizes, class availability, schedule disruption, etc. See the our Student Schedule Change Policy for more information.

Parent Release

Available at the discretion of the student's parent/legal guardian, Parent Release gives students the opportunity to be released for part of the school day for necessary regularly occurring off-campus activities. During release time, the student may NOT be on any school campus. Students must leave campus within five minutes of their last class. Parents are responsible for students during their release time. Release should take the place of an elective, but if Release is requested in place of a core academic class, the parent is responsible for the instruction the student will receive in that content area. There is no guarantee that requested Parent Release periods will not conflict with requested courses taught during the school day. If a parent wishes to rescind the release time, the student’s schedule is subject to course availability. A parent signature on the Class Registration Form or Class Change Form is REQUIRED.