Park City High

Student Schedule Changes

It is important to realize that the PCHS master schedule is based upon the student requests made in spring of the previous year. In order to be fiscally responsible, the number of course sections within each subject area are based on these projections. School Counselors spend a considerable amount of time in the spring ensuring students have the courses needed for graduation and their chosen electives or alternates, as requested. When a first choice elective or alternate selection is not able to fit in a student’s schedule, the counselor meets directly with the student to find a solution. Once requests are scheduled, it is difficult to make a schedule change because many classes will be at or near capacity. Therefore we anticipate minimal options for schedule changes.

Schedule Errors:

School Counselors will be available to meet with students/parents during Back-to-School Registration in August when one of the following ERRORS has occurred:
• Did not receive a course required for graduation
• Enrolled in a course you have already completed and received credit
• Enrolled in a course for which you have not met the prerequisite
• Do not have a full schedule of 8 classes
• Received a course you did not request as an original or alternate during registration
• Want to move up or down a level in a core course (per teacher recommendation)

Student Request for Schedule Change:

Once the school year is underway students may only request a schedule change the first six days of the semester. Students should see Ms. Elliot in the counseling center for further direction. The only time a schedule change is made outside of the scheduling windows is for unusual circumstances in collaboration with a parent, teacher, administrator, counselor and student. Some examples could include: medical condition/504 Plan, IEP, PCCR, Safe School Violation or a new transfer student to PCHS.

COURSES MAY NOT BE DROPPED AFTER MIDTERM. Students who withdraw from a class after Q1 or Q3 midterm will be given a failing grade and can only add Parent Release or Study Hall.

  • Changes will not be made for preferred lunch, teacher, or to be scheduled with a friend.
  • Because of the impact and disruption changes have on class size and to ensure the balance of class loads, class capacities will not be overfilled.