New Student Enrollment

General Information and Policies:

New Student Enrollment is for students who are:  (1) NEW to the Park City School District, or (2) former district students who are returning after having withdrawn from a district school.
**Note: TMJH 9th graders are automatically transferred to 10th grade at PCHS at the end of 9th grade.

Residency and Guardianship Requirement:  Per state and district policy, to enroll at Park City High School, the student must be living within the school district boundaries with a custodial parent or court-appointed legal guardian.  Documents proving custody and residency are required for enrollment.  Refer to the district’s Proof of Residency Policy and boundary map (printable map and link to district and interactive maps).  PCHS is closed to out-of-boundary students.

Foreign Exchange and International Students:  The high school accepts a limited number of J1 Visa Exchange students each year.  Applications must be submitted to the District Office by April 30 (for enrollment in the following school year).  F1 International Student Visa enrollments also begin at the District Office.  Contact Dena Housel at 435-645-5600.

Not Eligible to Enroll:  Persons are not eligible to enroll if they (1) have already earned a secondary school diploma, from any country or territory, (2) have already completed 12th grade, or (3) turn 18 years old before September 2, unless they have just completed 11th grade and are on track to promote to 12th grade.  Contact the district’s Adult Education office (435-615-0209) for diploma and GED options for adults.  (Utah Admin Code Rule R277-419)

Tours and Shadowing:  For the safety and security of our students and to minimize distractions, we don’t offer tours or shadowing.  Our School Profile and the PCHS and District website are full of information about our academics, extracurricular activities, counseling department, our student handbook, policies, and more.  Upon enrollment, new students will be assigned a Natural Helper student representative who will provide a school tour and information.

New Student Enrollment for the 2019-20 School Year:

The Registrar’s office is closed for the summer and will re-open to begin new student enrollments on August 5.  See enrollment details below or download a New Student Enrollment Packet.

La Oficina del Registro está cerrado durante el verano, y abrirá para matriculación de nuevos estudiantes en el 5 de agosto.  Ayuda en español disponible 15, 16 y 19 de augusto en la escuela.  Información de Matrícula de Nuevos Estudiantes en español.

STEP 1:  Complete the online New Student Registration.
You must complete the online registration FIRST.  If you don’t have internet access at home, you can use a computer at the public library, or at the school after August 5.  Complete all the required information and click the final “Submit” button.  You’re finished when you get the “Submission Confirmation” screen.
New Student Online Registration for 2019-20 – ENGLISH
New Student Online Registration for 2019-20 – SPANISH
(DO NOT use these links if you are RISING from Treasure Mountain Jr High or you PRE-ENROLLED last spring–you are ALREADY ENROLLED.  We will email/mail a “snapcode” to you and you’ll complete the Returning Student Registration.)

STEP 2:  Provide the required enrollment documents to the Registrar (after August 5).

After completing the online registration, bring the following required documents to the Registrar in the PCHS Counseling Office.  Documents can also be faxed to 435-645-5658 or emailed to the Registrar (see bottom of page).

NOTE: Park City High School will NOT request previous school records until AFTER the student is enrolled.

Proof of Residency – To enroll, the student must be living with a parent or legal guardian within the district boundaries.  Bring a completed Proof of Residency Form (en español) AND TWO (2) supporting proof documents.  See the district residency policy for more information.

Guardianship Papers – Per district policy, students must be living with their parent or a legal guardian within the district’s boundaries.  If parents are divorced, bring court documents naming you as the primary- or joint-custodial parent.  Children not living with a parent must have a court-appointed legal guardian (court documentation is required).  Notarized letters are not acceptable.  Foreign Exchange Student host parents must have District approval.

Birth Certificate – Bring a copy of the student’s full birth certificate (no wallet cards) for age, name, and parent verification.  We are required to enroll students under their full legal name.  Passports are ONLY acceptable for district-approved J1 Foreign Exchange Students.

Immunization Record – Bring a copy of your child’s complete immunization record.  See the Immunizations page for Utah’s school immunization requirements—they may be different than the state you’re coming from.

High School Transcript – Bring a copy of the student’s high school transcript (grades 9-12) for discussing class placements and transfer of high school credits.  If you don’t have one, call your previous school to get a copy for yourself or have them fax/email it to us.  An unofficial copy is fine.

IEP or 504 Documentation – If your student was receiving special education services via an IEP or accommodations via a 504, providing us with a copy of those documents at the time of enrollment will greatly speed up the process.  Call your previous school to get a copy for yourself or have them fax/email a copy to us.

School Withdrawal Form – If transferring during the school year, we require the student’s previous school withdrawal form showing the student’s grades at the time of withdrawal.  If you don’t have one, call your previous school to get a copy for yourself or have them fax/email it to us.

Parent Electronic Device Orientation – Parents must view this online orientation video before the student will receive their school laptop.  Go to the Parent Electronic Device Orientation page for instructions (en español).

Winter Sports School Transfers – Per district policy, if you live within the district boundary, and your student is currently enrolled in a local charter school, and you would like them to enroll in Park City High School for the 2019-2020 school year, you must notify the district in writing no later than June 30 of your intention to enroll.  After June 30, you must submit an Open Enrollment Form to the District Office before enrolling at the school.

AFTER the online registration is complete AND all required documents have been received (steps 1 and 2), the Registrar will make an appointment for you to meet with your assigned Counselor to create your class schedule. 

To prepare for your counselor appointment, review the PCHS Course Catalog to see our class offerings and to review our graduation requirements.  Class selection worksheets are also available to print out.

Park City High School will request official records from the student’s previous school AFTER the student is enrolled and has met with the counselor.  Not before.  Please make sure we know to request IEP, 504, or ELL records.

Where do I go for information on…

  • School fees/waivers, parking permits, yearbooks, athletics/activities payments:  See the PCHS Main Office
  • Bus info: > Departments menu > Transportation
  • Lunch/breakfast info: > Departments menu > Child Nutrition/Menus
  • PCHS Student Handbook: > Students/Faculty menu > Student Handbook
  • Athletics, Clubs, and Activities: > Extracurricular menu
  • Graduation requirements: > Registration menu > PCHS Course Catalog > Graduation Requirements
  • PTSO: > Community menu > PTSO

Attention Student Athletes:

Per the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) Transfer Rule, any student transferring from one high school to another may lose eligibility for participation in Association-sponsored athletic activities (including varsity, junior varsity, sophomore and freshman) for twelve months from the first day of attendance at the new school.  However, the Association has the discretion to waive all or part of the ineligibility based on evidence of hardship, such as a bona fide change in residence or other special circumstance.

2019-20 Term Dates:

1st Semester begins August 20 and ends December 20
Quarter 1 – August 20 to October 17
Quarter 2 – October 21 to December 20
2nd Semester begins January 6 and ends June 2
Quarter 3 – January 6 to March 13
Quarter 4 – March 17 to June 2 (June 3 if snow day used)
Graduation – May 29

Park City High School Registrar:

The Registrar’s office is closed for the summer and will re-open to begin new student enrollments on August 5. 

Jennifer Frink
Park City High School
1750 Kearns Blvd.
Park City, UT 84060
435-645-5657 ext. 2067
Fax: 435-645-5658

The Registrar’s office is located in the PCHS Counseling Center.  Office hours are 7:15am to 3:00pm on school days.