PCHS Course Catalog and Offerings

Students can download the Course Catalog PDF to their laptops.  DO NOT print the catalog at school.  If you want a printed paper copy, see the Registrar in the Counseling Center.

Course Catalog:
2019-20 PCHS Course Catalog

Class Registration Forms for 2019-20:
Senior 2019-20
Junior 2019-20
Sophomore 2019-20

New English Language Arts Program
Math Pathways Chart
Science Course Offerings
CTE Career Clusters

For more information on our Math curriculum, see the Utah Core State Standards for Mathematics:


The following courses have been canceled for 2019-20:
Advanced Commercial Photography
AP Music Theory
AP Physics 1-2
Exploring Computer Science
Gaming Development Fundamentals 2
Intro to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Language Arts Biography and Memoir
Language Arts Journalism Principles
Language Arts Opposing Viewpoints
Language Arts Public Speaking/Debate
Language Arts Shakespeare / AP Literature Shakespeare
Language Arts World Novels
Medical Math
Principles of Public Speaking CE
Spanish 5


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