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Park City High School

Community Scholarship Program

Class of 2019:
Applications and the list of scholarships will be available starting in April 1, 2018. Scholarship applications are due: April 30.

List of Community Scholarships
Community Scholarship Application

Seniors may apply for up to 3 scholarships and may be awarded 1. Unfortunately, not all applicants will receive a scholarship due to funding. The specific scholarship donor and/or volunteer community members read the applications and select the recipients annually.

Scholarship recipients are celebrated at the Community Scholarship Awards Ceremony May 29th at 8am in the Eccles Center. Applicants will be notified about two weeks prior to the ceremony so they can plan on attending and inviting their friends and family. Many scholarship donors attend the event and will award the recipient with their scholarship.

To request your scholarship:
1. Please write a thank you note to the scholarship donor. These are due to Ms. Silvestri by May 31st.

Our local community members are incredibly supportive of our seniors, and we want to make sure that they realize how much we appreciate them. I will send the thank you note to the scholarship donor for you.

2. Students must request their scholarship by submitting proof of enrollment by October 1st, 2018. This includes, receipt of payment, class schedule, etc.

Scholarship checks will be distributed to your college or university. If the student pays tuition and can show a tuition receipt, the scholarship check may be written to the student directly for reimbursement for proof of enrollment on a case-by-case basis.

A scholarship may be deferred for up to two years. To defer your scholarship, you must show proof an approved college deferment by October 1, 2019 (humanitarian/ religious service, military service or other approved deferment requests).

If you do not defer your admissions and do not collect your scholarship by October 1st, 2019, your scholarship will go back to the general scholarship fund.

The Community Scholarship Program continues to recognize and reward graduating seniors as well as provide much needed scholarship funds. We have donations from dedicated Park City families, private donors and local businesses and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support. Community member and local businesses are integral partners and their continuing generous participation is essential to the program’s ongoing success. As a Park City High School alumna, this program is not only a professional responsibility, but a personal passion. Please contact me to make a donation or create a new scholarship.

Thank you,
Kristin Silvestri
Scholarship Advisor