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Ali Gallagher
Education Technology Specialist (ETS)
Tech Center Hours: 7:00 am to 2:45 pm when school is in session

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Laptop Care

Mac Shortcuts


Parent Electronic Device Orientation

All Park City High School students will receive a district-owned laptop to use for the school year.  Parents are required to view the Electronic Device Orientation before the student will receive his or her computer.  Parents may watch the orientation from home, or at the school.

  1. Go to  (if asked use code XKBMH)
  2. Enter a Name/Nickname in the box
  3. Click “Join Session”
  4. Click the play button for audio on the bottom of each slide
  5. Navigate through the slides using the forward and back buttons
  6. Complete the PCSD EDUA Quiz

Parent PowerSchool Access

To set up a Parent PowerSchool Account, parents will need their student’s parent access ID and password.  We mail those home the first week of September.  Parents can link all their students to one Parent Account, all you need is the parent access ID and password for each of your students.

If you misplaced or did not receive your Parent Account set-up instructions, please contact the school.  For security reasons, we will not provide account information by phone, fax, or email.  Logins can be picked up in person or mailed to the home address we have on file.  PowerSchool logins are reset every summer to protect your privacy.

With a Parent PowerSchool Account, parents will have access to a special Email Notifications page where they can sign up for automatic progress reports.  Because of this exclusive feature, it is highly recommended that parents keep their account ID and password confidential and not share it with their student.  Students get their own ID and password when they pick up their laptop.

How to sign up for PowerSchool Email Notifications

Parent Canvas Access

Spanish version

Parents can create a Canvas Parent Observer Account, then link their student’s Canvas account to theirs so they can see assignment due dates, announcements, and other course content. Observers can view course content but cannot participate in the course.

To create a Canvas Parent Observer Account, go to and click the “Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here For an Account” link on the log in page.  Enter your name, email, and create a password. Then you’ll need a “Student Pairing Code” to link to your student’s Canvas account.

The “Student Pairing Code” is generated by the student’s Canvas account. In the student’s Canvas, go to Account, then click Settings. Click the “Pair with Observer” button. Copy the six-digit pairing code and share it with the observer who wants to link to the account (case sensitive). A separate pairing code is required for each observer.

If you’ve already created a Canvas Parent Observer account, and you need to link another student to your account, go to Account, then Settings. Click the Observing link, then enter the student’s pairing code (case sensitive), and click the “+Student” button.

Please note: PCSD Employees should NOT use their email address for their observer account. They should use a personal email address.

More information and detailed instructions with graphics: