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Taking Care of your District-Assigned Laptop

Let’s review what you should NOT do with your district-assigned laptop:

  1. Never ever have liquid of any kind near the laptop.
  2. Always make sure that the lid on your water bottle is tightly closed when it is sharing space with the laptop in your backpack.
  3. Do not squeeze the laptop between books or other objects inside of your backpack;
  4. Do not stack heavy items on the laptop.
  5. Never hold the laptop by the screen.
  6. Be careful not to place objects such as pens, pencils, or earbuds on the keyboard when you close it.
  7. Do not write on the laptop or place stickers or decorations on it unless you have a removable hard case shell on the laptop.
  8. When the weather is especially hot (over 95 degrees) or especially cold (below 45 degrees) do not leave the laptop in your car.

What you should DO to keep your district-assigned laptop in good working order:

  1. Clean the laptop with a clean, soft cotton cloth. The cloth can be slightly damp but not wet.
  2. Never spray a liquid solution directly on the keyboard or monitor;
  3. Keep staples and paperclips away from the laptop. These items can easily become lodged in the magnetic power port and/or scratch the screen.
  4. Remove the little silica gel packet from inside your laptop case. If the packet breaks open, the little beads can get stuck in the headphone jack on the side of the laptop.