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Park City High School

Planning Tools

College and Career Ready (CCR) Plan:

Park City High School Counselors implement a yearly College and Career Ready (CCR) program in which they counsel and map out each student’s high school graduation plan, based on their post-secondary goals and ambitions. For more information, see the PCHS College and Career Readiness website.

Sophomore Timeline:
November: College and Career Ready curriculum
April-May: Individual student-counselor CCR meeting

Junior Timeline:
December: College and Career Ready curriculum
January-March: Individual student-parent-counselor CCR appointments (notices will be sent out when it’s time to schedule)

Senior Timeline:
September: College and Career Ready curriculum
September-October: Individual student-counselor CCR meeting

Naviance Student:

Naviance Student is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. The program will help guide our students’ academic and career choices, as well as provide opportunities for self-exploration, college research, resume building, and more. Students will use Naviance Student as part of the College and Career Readiness curriculum provided by our school counselors in grades 6-12. PCHS students can access Naviance via the Naviance Student page of the PCHS website.

Academic Pathways:

Pathways charts for Math, Science, and CTE are included in the PCHS Course Catalog. If you have questions, or want course recommendations for future planning, consult your counselor, your teacher, the department chair, or the CTE Director.

Below is a typical Park City High School student’s pathway to graduation, based on a full schedule of 8.0 credits per year. This is just a base guide--each student’s graduation plan can be different.

Freshmen–9th Grade:
1.0 Language Arts: English 9
1.0 Social Studies: Geography or AP Geography
1.0 Math: Secondary Math 1 or Honors Secondary Math 1
1.0 Science: Earth Science or Biology
0.5 Participation Skills and Techniques (PE 9)
0.5 Digital Studies requirement course
3.0 Electives

Sophomores–10th Grade:
1.0 Language Arts: English 10
1.0 Social Studies: World History or AP World History
1.0 Math: Secondary Math 2 or Honors Secondary Math 2
1.0 Science: Biology or Chemistry
0.5 Fitness for Life (PE 10)
0.5 Health Education 2
3.0 Electives

Juniors–11th Grade:
1.0 Language Arts: English 11 or AP Language or English CE
1.0 Social Studies: U.S. History 2 or AP U.S. History
1.0 Math: Secondary Math 3 or Honors Secondary Math 3
1.0 Science: Chemistry or Physics or other science
0.5 Financial Literacy
0.5 Individualized Lifetime Activities (PE) course
3.0 Electives

Seniors–12th Grade:
1.0 Language Arts: English 12 or AP Literature or English CE
1.0 Social Studies: US Government (.5) and choice of Sociology, Psychology, or Economics (.5)
6.0 Electives
Civics Exam (taken in U.S. Government class at PCHS)
Math class to be College and Career Ready