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Park City High School

Community Council

The Park City High School Community Council has been tasked with developing a long-range, strategic school improvement plan that encompasses three years and is focused primarily on setting, monitoring, and assessing goals to improve student achievement. The allocation for the 2023-2024 school year is $235,908.81 and TSSA is $213,838.99. All School Community Council meetings are open to the public.

2023-2024 Council Members

Parent - Chair:  Zachariah Commodore Maynard 
Parent - Vice Chair:  Stephen Fox 
Parent - Secretary:  Jaelee Wantanabe
Parent:  Samantha Ball
Parent:  Bill Ciraco
Parent:  Caren McClelland
Parent:  Jenny Pelt
Parent:  Sara Sergent
Parent:  Jamie Taylor
Staff:  Shannon Hase
Staff:  Jane Meade
Principal:  Roger Arbabi (non-voting member)
Assistant Principal:  Bob Edmiston (non-voting Member

2023-2024 Meeting Dates: 

2022-2023 Meetings: 

September 15:  Minutes
October 20:  Minutes
November 17:  Minutes
December 14:  Postponed
January 19:  Minutes
February 16:  Minutes
March 16:  Minutes
April 20:  Minutes