Counseling Department

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

To designate your student as a remote learner taking PCHS classes for 1st quarter, please fill out the Park City High School Remote Learning Agreement.  Remote learning requires a partnership between parents, students, and Park City High School.  Students will need to meet their teacher’s expectations for class requirements remotely, including following established deadlines, checking Canvas and school email daily, and participating in synchronous and asynchronous activities as assigned.  **This agreement needs to be resubmitted each quarter.**

Appointments with Counselors:

As we move into the school year we are looking forward to meeting with you.  Counselors will be available to meet with students in person or virtually via Google Meet.  Please note that parents are not permitted in the building for in-person meetings, but are welcome to meet over the phone or virtually.  Students may choose the in-person option and we can conference parents in via phone or Google Meet.

Counselors are scheduling appointments through the Calendly website.  You will have an option to choose your appointment time, and if you will be coming in person or if you would like to meet virtually via Google Meet or a phone call.  Students, if you make an appointment during class time, a counseling office call slip will be delivered to your classroom.  That will be your hall pass to be dismissed from class at your appointment time.

To schedule a meeting with your counselor, click the Calendly link below their name.

Dara Smith (A-E):

Heather Briley (F-La):

Liz Moskal (Le-Ri):

Kristen Hall (Ro-Z):

Mr. Shannon Hase (Learning Center and Assigned Students):

Samantha Walsh (Intervention Counselor, Social & Emotional Support for All Students):

Pepper Elliot (Scholarship Advisor for All Students):

Counseling Office hours: 7:00am to 3:30pm on school days
Phone: 435-645-5657
Fax: 435-645-5658

Ashlee Jensen Counseling Secretary

Ashlee Jensen – Counseling Office Secretary
Call Ashlee at 435-645-5657 to make appointments with counselors.
Ext: 2025

Dara Smith

Dara Smith – Counselor
Last Names: A – E
435-645-5657, ext. 2024

Heather Briley

Heather Briley – Counselor
Last Names: F – La
435-645-5657, ext. 2085

Liz Moskal

Liz Moskal – Counselor
Last Names: Le – Ri
435-645-5657, ext. 2022

Kristen Hall

Kristen Hall – Counselor
Last Names: Ro – Z
435-645-5657, ext. 2027

Shannon Hase, Counselor

Mr. Shannon Hase – Counselor
Learning Center and Assigned Students
435-645-5657, ext. 2956
Office at the Learning Center, 2400 Kearns Blvd.

Samantha Walsh

Samantha Walsh – Intervention Counselor
Social and Emotional Support for All Students
435-645-5657, ext. 2026

Pepper Elliot

Pepper Elliot – Scholarship Advisor
435-645-5657, ext. 2036

Jennifer Frink

Jennifer Frink – Registrar
Transcript Requests and Enrollment Information
435-645-5657, ext. 2067
Fax: 435-645-5658