Credit Remediation

Park City High School accepts credit from an accredited high school program so there are many ways to recover lost credit.

PCHS offers credit remediation using the Edgenuity platform. A pass/fail grade is issued and is NOT NCAA approved.

If you have any questions about what option is best for you or your student, please make an appointment with your counselor to go over these options in greater detail.

NOTE: Students are encouraged to complete their assigned remediation coursework via Edgenuity over the summer so they can start the 2020-21 school year with only their grade level course load. They will need to follow the expectations outlined below when they are ready to take any online final exams to be proctored remotely:

  1. The student needs to sign up for the date/time he/she wants to take the exam using this link.
  2. A parent or guardian needs to monitor the final exam at home. The student should confirm their availability before signing up!
  3. The parent/guardian will be responsible for collecting their child’s cell phone and other devices that could be used to access the Internet.
  4. The student must restart his/her school-issued computer before the exam. (Remember to keep it charged!)
  5. Mrs. Payne will unlock the exam after confirmation from the parent/guardian via text (435-776-5812) that the student has restarted his/her computer and is ready to get started. The student will have 10 minutes to start the exam before it locks again. It’s not a race. Students should take their time to avoid having to retake the exam. When the student is done, Mrs. Payne will forward the earned credit to the school’s registrar. The registrar will update the student’s transcript as quickly as possible.