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Park City High School


Welcome to Naviance Student, Park City Miners!

  • Naviance Student Login Page (if it asks for the school’s zip code, enter 84060, then select Park City High School)
    • Click the "Student" user button.
    • Select the "Continue with Single Sign on" option.  If you are already logged in to your school Google account, you will get right into Naviance. If not, then you will be prompted to log into your school Google/email account first.

GRADUATES:  All alumni will still have access to their Naviance Student account after graduation. You can continue to use Single Sign On to log into Naviance until approximately August 1st after you graduate. After August 1st, or if Single Sign On no longer works for you, you will need to use the steps outlined in the Alumni Access to Naviance handout.

Parents/Guardians, you will be able to register for a Parent Naviance Account via a code given to you during your student's Junior-year CCR meeting. On the Naviance log in page, you will select the "Parent or Guardian" user button, then click the "I'm new and need to register!" link. Enter the registration code provided by your counselor (will be sent to you via email) and then create your parent account.  ***If you have trouble creating or accessing your parent account, please email our Registrar with as much detail as possible about the problem, along with your name, relationship to the student, and your student's full name and date of birth.

Not getting emails from Naviance?  Please add to your email contacts.  Our counselors often send emails through Naviance, and we've heard that some users find the emails in their spam/junk folder.  If you use Gmail (like our students do), you can also set up a Naviance Spam Filter. It’s good practice to check your spam/junk folder once a week, just to make sure nothing important is being missed.

What is Naviance Student?

Naviance Student offers innovative, easy-to-use web applications for high school students and their parents.  It will help guide students’ academic and career choices, as well as provide you with opportunities for self-exploration, college research, resume building, and more.  Using the programs in Naviance Student, students will be able to link to useful websites, surveys, and many relevant career and college topics.  You are welcome to use Naviance whenever you like, although there will be some counselor-directed curriculum, too.  Remember, the more you put into this system, the more you will benefit from it!