Park City Learning Center

The Park City Learning Center (PCLA):

  • Located between TMIS and PCHS
  • The PCLA is part of Park City High School and not a separate school
  • Graduating students receive a Park City High School diploma
  • Offers core classes to 10th – 12th grade students in need of smaller class sizes and more individualized attention
  • Incoming enrolled sophomores will usually take all 4 core classes at the PCLA; Classes at the PCLA for Juniors and Seniors will vary according to student needs
  • Electives are taken at PCHS
  • Students are allowed extra time to walk to and from PCHS and the PCLA

Core classes offered at Park City Learning Center:

  • Math: Secondary Math II; Secondary Math III; Intro to Statistics
  • Science: Biology; Zoology
  • Social Studies: World Civilizations; US History; Government; Sociology
  • English: English 10; English 11; English 12

Elective classes offered at the Park City Learning Center:

  • Study skills class to remediate failed credits (counselor approval; fee required class; Seniors have priority)
  • TA (teacher assistant)

If interested, please contact your school counselor

A committee at the PCLA to determine if placement is appropriate reviews all referrals.  School enrollment is limited.