Seal of Biliteracy Recognition

Seal of Biliteracy for the State of Utah

The Seal of Biliteracy is an award issued by the state department of education and local school district to recognize a student who has attained proficiency in English and one or more other World Languages by high school graduation.  The recognition of attaining biliteracy becomes part of the student’s official Park City High School Transcript.  The Seal serves to certify attainment of biliteracy for students, employers, and universities.  It is a statement of accomplishment that helps to signal evidence of a student’s readiness for career and college, and for engagement as a global citizen.

Students are required to provide evidence of language proficiency in both English and a Second Language through approved assessments such as ACT, SAT, AP, AAPPL, WIDA, etc.  For a full list of qualifying assessments, see the Seal of Biliteracy application.

Applications are due to the Park City High School Registrar by May 15 of the student’s SENIOR year.  If received after May 15, there is no guarantee it will be processed in time for graduation ceremonies.  Students should not submit their application until they have taken the requisite assessments and can self-report their scores.*

*AP Exception for Seniors ONLY:  AP scores are released over the summer, therefore, Seniors waiting for their AP scores should submit their application by the May 15 deadline.  Transcripts will be updated appropriately upon score verification in August.


(Application updated April 2020.)