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Park City High School

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CONTINUING STUDENTS (current PCHS students and rising TMJH students):  
See the "Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year" section below for the enrollment update instructions and information about the new school year. 
Parents of continuing students MUST complete the Current Student Enrollment Update process EVERY school year before the first day of school.  During this process, parents declare whether or not their student will be continuing their enrollment for the next school year, update their contact information, and agree to annual school policies.

If you need to enroll a NEW student (new to the Park City School District, or a former student re-enrolling after having withdrawn from a district school), see the New Student Enrollment page for enrollment information.  (NOTE: If you pre-enrolled your new student and met with the counselor in May, you have already completed your enrollment. See the Back to School information below, just skip the Student Enrollment Update section.)

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!  


PCHS Summer Office Hours:  August 1-21, Monday-Friday, from 8:00am to 3:00pm (closed for lunch 12:00-1:00pm). Regular office hours will resume August 22.

Student Enrollment Update (School Registration): ***REQUIRED BEFORE AUGUST 22.*** 
Parents of ALL continuing and rising students must complete the online Current Student Enrollment Update every school year. Parents will receive a “snapcode” for each of their students via email. Click the "snapcode link" in the email to access the online system. If you didn’t get the snapcode email, a paper copy can be picked up at the school. NOTE: We started sending out snapcodes in March, so some families may have already completed their student’s enrollment update. If you don’t have access to the internet or a computer at home, computers are available at the local libraries and at the school. (If you have a New Student and completed your pre-enrollment in May, you will have already completed this.) Students and parents will not have access to PowerSchool until the enrollment update is done.

  • Not Returning?  Enter the online enrollment system using your snapcode and declare that your student will NOT be enrolled at PCHS for the 2023-2024 school year. Answer the first question, tell us where they will be enrolled, submit, and you’re done. Or, email the PCHS Registrar.
  • Need Help?  If you need help with snapcodes, logging into the enrollment system, forgot your username or password, have proof of residency questions, or not sure if you completed it already, please email Jennifer Frink, the PCHS Registrar, and include your student’s full name, date of birth, your name, and your relationship with the student. More information is also available on the Park City School District–Current Student Enrollment Update page. 
  • Proof of Residency:  This year, Proof of Residency documentation will ONLY be required for students whose address has changed or will be changing during the school year. When you change your address in the online system, your residency documents can be uploaded directly into the system (a list of acceptable documents can be found on the district’s Residency Policy page). You can save your work, log out, and log back in later to finish if you need time to gather your proofs. (The Park City School District reserves the right to verify residency at any time if the Park City School District has reason to believe that a student’s residency status has changed. This includes, but is not limited to, requiring additional proof of residency or conducting an unscheduled home visit.)

Parking Permits:
Due to construction, we will have a limited number of parking spaces available for the next few years. Students are not guaranteed a space in the PCHS lots even with a parking permit. Full information can be found on the Parking Permits page of our website. Purchase dates will be August 17th for Seniors, and August 18th for Juniors. You must bring your completed Parking Permit Application and Agreement and $100 payment with you on your scheduled day in order to purchase a parking permit. Only cash or check (payable to Park City High School) in the amount of $100 will be accepted. Alternatives to parking at the school include walking, biking, carpooling, the district's School Bus service, and local transportation services Park City Transit and High Valley Transit.

  • Important: Road work on Kearns Blvd will lead to slower traffic and challenges getting in and out of the school parking lots. Please plan ahead and start your commute to school early to avoid being late for class. We kindly ask for your patience and cooperation as we navigate these temporary inconveniences and ensure the safety of all.

Student Laptops:
Laptops will be distributed per the schedule below. Parents, make sure you've completed your student's Online Enrollment Update and agreed to all the technology policies for this school year first. Students should bring a laptop bag with them to pick up their laptop. Signs will be posted at the high school to direct students where to go.

  • Sophomores - August 16, 8:00am to 2:30pm
  • Seniors - August 17, 8:00am to 2:30pm
  • Juniors - August 18, 8:00am to 2:30pm
  • Laptops for New Students: Every attempt will be made to get laptops to new students for the first day of school, however, it does take extra time for new student laptops and accounts to be set up, so there may be a slight delay.

Class Schedules and Schedule Change Requests:
From 7:00am August 8 through 7:00am August 15, students will have the opportunity to view and potentially make adjustments to their class schedules online via ClassChoice. For full information, see the ClassChoice page. DO NOT email your counselor for a schedule change! NO schedule changes will be accepted August 15-21 as we finalize class rosters and teachers begin preparing for their classes. NOTE: Schedules are subject to administrative change prior to the first day of school as we work to balance class sizes. Your FINAL class schedule will be the one you see in PowerSchool* on the morning of August 22. If you don't have access to PowerSchool, you can get a printed copy of your schedule from the office the morning of August 22. Beginning the first day of school, and for five days ONLY, changes can be requested in person in the Counseling Office (see the secretary, Ms. Jensen, for an appointment slip).  Schedule Change Policy 

  • The PowerSchool portal for parents and students will reopen on August 16.
  • Note: Students and parents will NOT have access to PowerSchool until the student's Student Enrollment Update is complete for this school year. Refer to the "Student Enrollment Update" section above for more information.

The Park City Board of Education has waived the fees for mandatory academics, elective courses, and general education expenses. The board’s action is not a categorical waiver of all fees. At this time, fees for AP tests, concurrent enrollment, credit remediation, extracurricular and other activities conducted outside the normal hours of the school day are NOT covered by the Board's waiver. However, assistance for these remaining fees is available and are subject to State law and district waiver policy. If you want to apply for a Fee Waiver, see the main office or the School Fees page. The fee waiver will be used in assessing extracurricular fees and some class fees. Proof of income must be provided with the application. The Free & Reduced Lunch application is a separate form (see below). If you have questions about fees or fee waivers, see the Finance Secretary in the main office.  

Lunch and Breakfast Meal Accounts: 
Add money to your student’s lunch/breakfast account via PayPAMS. Balances roll over each year. Menus, fees, and other information are available on the Child Nutrition pages of the district website. Free & Reduced Lunch Applications (Solicitud para familias de comidas gratis o a precio reducido) are available from the main office or on the district Meal Fees and Meal Applications page.

Yearbooks can ONLY be purchased through the Jostens website.  Yearbooks cannot be purchased at the school.

Lockers are optional and will only be assigned through the main office at the student’s request.  

Doors and School Access:
Students are issued new door access badges at the beginning of each school year, your badge from the previous year will no longer work. If your new badge is not working be sure to scan it several times (this activates it). If it still won’t work, or you lose it, report it immediately to the main office for a replacement. Students are to use their badges on door #19 (Eccles side), door #6 (cafeteria), door #15 (by the woodshop), and this year student badges will work at the front entrance by the main office.

Red/White Day Calendar:
The first day of school, August 22, will be a Red day. You can get a Red/White magnet calendar from the main office. The Calendar page of the PCHS website includes Red/White days, school holidays, and school events.

Bell Schedules:
The PCHS bell schedules are the same as last school year.  We have a regular Monday through Thursday schedule, and an early release Friday schedule. Get a copy on the Bell Schedule page of our website or in the main office. On occasion, we will also have modified assembly schedules that will be posted on the announcement TVs, in email, and/or on the office windows.

Lunch Times:
Your lunch schedule, either A Lunch or B Lunch, is determined by the teacher you have for 3rd period. Check the Teacher Lunch Schedules list posted on the main office windows or ask your 3rd period teacher. Your lunch time may be different on Red and White days. Your lunch time may change at the semester if your 3rd period class changes.

In-Person Back to School Night – August 23rd:
More information to come! Parents are invited to our Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 23rd, 5pm-7pm. Meet your student’s teachers, school administrators, and get valuable school information. Please have a copy of your student’s schedule for this event—you can get it from your student’s PowerSchool account or in your Parent PowerSchool account.

School Pictures:
School pictures will be taken on Thursday, September 7th. All students must have their picture taken for their student IDs. Purchasing pictures is optional. All students should be dressed in appropriate attire for their school picture, no hats. One picture retake/make-up day is scheduled for Monday, October 9th.

School Bus:
For school bus information, see the district's Transportation page.

Student Athletes:
For school sports information, see our Athletic Director page or Note that all athletes are required to have a current school year physical (all physicals from last season have expired).

PTSO Membership:
The PCHS Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) supports our teachers and staff by donating both time and funds to enhance our students’ overall educational experience. Please join by completing the PTSO Membership Form on the PTSO Membership page, or pick up a membership form at the school.

Park City Education Foundation (PCEF):
Your gift helps fund nearly 100 programs in the Park City School District!  At PCHS, PCEF funds PCCAPS, Robotics, Debate, STEM, Music, Journalism and Special Ed programs, materials and fees for co-curricular competitions, Bright Futures, LIA and more. These programs would not exist without you. Donations can be made on the PCEF Website.

Parent PowerSchool and Canvas Accounts:
Parents can monitor their student’s grades, attendance, and assignments online using PowerSchool and Canvas. Parent PowerSchool and Canvas Account information will be provided via email shortly after the school year begins. With the information we provide, you will create your own usernames and passwords and can link all your district students to your parent account in each system. Parents in separate households can each create their own accounts. (If you set up your Parent Accounts previously, you can continue using them; you don’t need to create new ones.) For help, see the "Parents" tab on the Technology page of our website. 

Quarterly Report Cards:
PCHS provides quarterly report cards electronically in PowerSchool. When the report cards are ready, they will be uploaded to the student and parent PowerSchool accounts. You will receive a notification via email, then you can log in to PowerSchool to view and print the report card as needed. Parents, please make sure the school has your correct email address! PCHS does not mail paper report cards home.

Optional Student Insurance Information:
The safety of our students is of critical importance to all of us and we want to protect them from injury. Even so, accidents do happen (at school and elsewhere) and required medical care can be expensive. Please know that your school/district does not assume responsibility for such costs but does offer you access to several student accident insurance plans for voluntary purchase. Enroll online at