Student Council

2019-2020 Student Council

Park City High School Student Council  is one of the most active organizations at Park City High School.

Student Body President: Noah Nasser
Student Body Vice President: Cooper Strople
Officer: Sydney Herman
Secretary: Jillian Perry
Treasurer: Michael Giddings
Assistant Treasurer: Logan Thornton

Student on the School Board: Mimi Luna

Senior Class President: Lauren Pederson
Senior Class Vice President: Sage Russell

Senior Representative: Hailey Lebold
Junior Representatives:
Mark Altherr and Meghan Buchholz
Sophomore Representatives:
Tess Carson and John Tiranno

Student Outreach Officers:
Sami Solden and Sheccid Villanueva

Community Outreach Officers:
Elise Wester and Kate Losee




Director: Alyssa Garcia
Stephanie Burnham
Tessa Campbell
Paige DeMarco

Director: Isabelle Aglaure
Assistant Director: Kelly Loverso

Coordinator: Charlie Dalton
Assistant Coordinator: Mitchell Lind

Manager: Alta Tabar
Assistant Manager: Lauren Cheng
Assistant: Lucy Flitton