Assessment Information

Utah High School Core Benchmark Testing

Utah Aspire Plus - Spring 2021 (Summative)

Testing Date:  March 23, 2021

The Utah Aspire Plus assessment is a hybrid of ACT Aspire and Utah Core test items. It is a computer-delivered, grade-level assessment for students in grades 9 and 10. Students receive predicted ACT score ranges for each subtest, as well as an overall predicted composite ACT score range. The assessments also provide proficiency scores for end-of-grade-level expectations for 9th- and 10th-grade students

Testing Times

Utah Aspire Plus includes four timed subtests that must be completed in the allotted time*:

  • Mathematics – 40 Operational and 5 Field Test Items: 75 Minutes
  • Science – 36 Operational and 4 Field Test Items: 60 Minutes
  • English – 50 Operational and 9-10 Field Test Items: 45 Minutes
  • Reading – 35 Operational and 10 Field Test Items: 75 Minutes

*Each test must be completed in one sitting (unless the student has an IEP, 504, or English Learner accommodation for stop-the-clock breaks or for securely extending the test over multiple days).

Preparing Students

Resources, Guides, and Tutorials

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