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Park City High School

Assessment Information

Utah Aspire Plus - Spring 2024 (Summative)

Assessment Dates:  Coming Soon!
Aspire Testing Schedule Coming Soon!

Session Testing Times:  

  • Mathematics: 75 Minutes
  • Science: 60 Minutes
  • English: 45 Minutes
  • Reading: 75 Minutes

Accommodated Testing Times:  

  • Tests cannot be divided into sections. Each test must be completed in one sitting (unless the student has an IEP or 504 accommodation plan for stop-the-clock breaks or for securely extending the test over multiple sessions.
  • Extra time is available when designated on an IEP, 504, or English Learner accommodation plan (time and a half, double time, triple time)

If you have questions, please contact Ali Gallagher in the tech office or email

Preparing Students:

Preparing Proctors/Staff: