2020-21 Class Schedule Review in ClassChoice

Park City High School students will be able to review their 2020-21 PCHS Class Schedules (and potentially make changes) via ClassChoice per the schedule below.  Most students have a complete schedule.  But if a student’s schedule is incomplete, due to class conflicts, the student will have the opportunity to complete their schedule by making adjustments in ClassChoice.  We recommend ALL students review their schedule to make sure it’s complete.

What is ClassChoice?  ClassChoice is the online scheduling system Park City High School uses to allow our students to access and adjust their class schedule for the upcoming school year.  It allows students the freedom to make changes to their schedule in live time and to see all their available options at any moment.

DO NOT email your counselor for a schedule change.

NOTE:  Class schedules are always subject to change prior to the first day of school!  Your final schedule will be ready in PowerSchool the morning of the first day of school, August 20, or pick up a paper copy between 7:00 and 7:30 in the main lobby.

***Please read this ENTIRE page before logging into the ClassChoice system!

ClassChoice Availability:

ClassChoice will not be available in August 2020.  Please see the PCHS Schedule Change Policy page.

***BEFORE you change anything in ClassChoice, we recommend you sketch out a plan on paper FIRST.  Print out a paper copy of your schedule in ClassChoice, then download the PCHS Master Schedule and map out any changes you may want to make, then check for class availability in ClassChoice.  Make sure ALL the classes you want to change are available BEFORE you change anything.  If a class is full, it’s FULL, and you won’t be allowed to take it.  Once you make a change in ClassChoice, it’s done, and there is NO undo.  If you drop a class that’s full, you won’t be able to get it back.

Important Information and Tips:

  • Read the “Instruction Sheet on How to Use ClassChoice” (see above) and read ALL instructions and warnings included on the ClassChoice screens.
  • Be mindful of graduation requirements before making any changes!  There is a tool in ClassChoice to help you estimate your graduation progress.  For your official grad progress, look in PowerSchool (Grade History > View Graduation Progress), or contact your counselor.
  • Only classes that are available to you will appear.  Classes that are full, have unmet prerequisites, or are not offered to your grade level will NOT be available to you.
  • If a class is full, it’s FULL.  The counselors DO NOT have access to overload courses.  If a student does not see an available seat, the counselors will not either.
  • Place your cursor over the course name or course number to see the other periods/terms a particular course is offered.
  • Be very careful when dropping a class, as other students will be online at the same time looking for classes.  If they choose the class that you just dropped, and the class is full, it will no longer be available to you.  There is NO undo.
  • Make sure you have a full schedule—all eight periods are filled each semester.
  • Not sure what a course is about, what its prerequisites are, or what grade levels can take it?  Look it up in the PCHS Course Catalog.
  • The PCHS Master Schedule was built and classes were filled based on the requests the students made during registration in March.  Therefore, many classes are already at capacity and cannot be overfilled.
  • This MAY NOT be your final class schedule!  Changes to the PCHS Master Schedule, like teacher assignments, periods a course is offered, room numbers, etc., may occur over the summer.  The spring version of your schedule MAY NOT match your August version.  Final schedules will be available in PowerSchool (and paper copies can be picked up) on the morning of the first day of school.


For technical help ONLY (the program isn’t working), email the Registrar (Ms. Frink) and explain your problem with as much detail as possible.  For best results, use a computer, not a mobile device.  If it doesn’t appear to be working in one browser, try a different one.  If the system becomes overloaded, it will go into a “queue” mode and students will be allowed in when there’s room.  If you are inactive for too long, the program will log you out.

Schedule Changes after ClassChoice Closes:

NO requests for schedule changes will be accepted after ClassChoice closes as we finalize the class rosters and teachers begin preparing for their classes.  DO NOT email your counselor for a schedule change.  Beginning on the first day of school, class change requests must be made in person in the Counseling Office.

Please read the PCHS Schedule Change Policy.  Once the school year is underway, students have only FIVE DAYS after each Semester begins to request a change.  Counselors will ONLY change schedules for the following reasons:

  • There is an empty period in the student’s schedule.
  • A senior is a missing graduation requirement.
  • The student already completed the course.
  • The student hasn’t met a prerequisite requirement.
  • The course change is medically necessary.
  • The course change is a level change due to class failure or missing graduation requirement.
  • Teacher-suggested academic placement.