Course Registration and Scheduling

The Master Course Schedule

The Park City High School master course schedule is built upon fiscal responsibility, staffing and facility constraints, and student interest.  Ultimately, the courses offered and the number of course sections offered within each subject area are based on budget, staffing, and enrollment projections.  Our master schedule strives to ensure equity and fairness to all students and to maintain balanced class loads for teachers.

Class Registration

Current PCHS and TMJH students register for their next-year classes in March.  To register for classes, students must fill out and submit a Class Registration Form, which includes their first-choice class selections, alternate class selections, a parent signature, and any teacher signatures required by course prerequisites.  We are not able to offer the option of scheduling classes with specific teachers or at specific times.  We expect students to accept and complete the courses they select during class registration, including their alternates.

New incoming students will NOT register for classes at the same time as our current students, but we do build in some room for new students in our master schedule.  New PCHS students may pre-register for the next school year during the month of May, or in August before school starts.  See the New Student Enrollment page of our website for information specifically for new enrolling students.

Schedule Changes

It’s important to understand that the availability and staffing of courses is based upon master scheduling activities that happen in the spring prior to the start of the school year.  Our counselors spend a considerable amount of time counseling students on the courses and credits needed for graduation, while identifying individual student interests and goals.  We work very hard to give students their first-choices, however, we may experience scheduling conflicts that require us to place students into their alternate choices.  When conflicts cannot be resolved with alternates, counselors will contact the student to find an agreeable solution.  Once the master schedule is finalized and student schedules are generated, it is difficult to make schedule changes because most classes will already be at or near capacity.  Class capacities will NOT be overfilled.  We anticipate minimal options for schedule changes.

For a short period of time prior to the first day of school, students will be given the opportunity to view and potentially change their class schedule online using ClassChoice.  Once the school year is underway, students may request a schedule change in the Counseling Office within the first FIVE DAYS of the SEMESTER only. There will be NO changes after Midterm.  Not all schedule change requests can be granted due to full class sizes, class availability, schedule disruption, etc.

See the PCHS Schedule Change Policy for more information.

About Our Course Offerings

The PCHS Course Catalog is available here as a downloadable PDF.

Course Descriptions:
Course descriptions are provided to help students and parents determine the content of our course offerings. Please read the descriptions fully and carefully. If further explanation is desired, please contact the teacher who is currently teaching the course. Teacher e-mail addresses are available on the Teacher Pages of our website. Teacher room numbers are available from the main office or the counseling office.

Subject to Change:
All course offerings are subject to change based on course enrollment numbers, securing qualified teachers, or availability of a teaching facility and/or equipment.  School Board, Legislative, and Utah State Office of Education rules and budgets may also force changes to our offerings.

Course Locations:
Most of Park City High School classes are located on campus, but due to teacher or facility requirements, some courses may be located at Treasure Mountain Junior High or the Park City Learning Center. Students will be required to walk to those other campuses. Course locations are subject to change.

Course Fees:
The Park City Board of Education affirms the principle that a public education should be free to the patrons of the school district and that barriers to public education should be removed wherever possible.  In that effort, the school board has waived the fee requirements for elective courses and general education expenses.  The board’s action is not a categorical waiver of all fees.  Fees for AP Tests, Concurrent Enrollment (CE), Credit Remediation, and Extracurricular Activities are not covered by the board’s waiver at this time.  Remaining fees are subject to State law and district fee waiver policy.  See the School Fees page of our website for the most up-to-date information on school fees.

Parent Release and Religion Release:

Parent Release is an exception to the state’s mandatory attendance statute that allows students to be released for part of the school day for regularly-occurring off-campus activities, with written permission of their parent or legal guardian. Parents are responsible for their student during release time. No transportation services are provided during release time. During release time, students may not be on any PCSD campus and must leave within five minutes of their last class. On the occasion that a student wishes to be on campus during their release time, they must have prior approval from an administrator or the attendance office. If students are being disruptive, they will be asked to leave, and repeated violations may result in trespassing citations, safe school violations, denied participation in school activities, and/or other consequences as determined by administration. If release time is requested in place of a core graduation requirement, the parent is responsible for the instruction for that requirement. If a parent wishes to rescind Parent Release during the school year, the student’s class schedule is subject to course availability. Seats in classes are not reserved for students who wish to cancel release time, and classes will not be overfilled.