Student Council

2021-2022 Student Council

Mission Statement: We are united in our efforts to lead students and promote equitable experiences while displaying the highest level of integrity within the community.

Student Body President: Kelly Loverso
Student Body Vice President: Logan Thornton
Senior Class President: Tessa Campbell
Senior Class Vice President: Lauren Cheng

Junior Representative: Alex Katz
Junior Representative: Abby Dietrichson

Sophomore Representative: Rollin Serafin
Junior Representative: Zac Minter

Executive Assistants: Elise Wester & Emily Hunt

Assemblies Director: Tess Carson

Assemblies Assistant: Yaz Quintana

Public Relations: Kate Kehoe & Tavish Polinsky

Student Outreach Officers: Abby Miller & Will Province

Community Outreach Officers: Ellie Christensen & Macy Hoeksema

Student On the Board: Emily Lebold
Assistant Student On the Board:
Phebe Marsland

Sports Coordinator: Zach Watkins
Assistant Sports Coordinator: Sophia Kenton

Decoration Manager: Sam Robinson
Decoration Assistants: Ena Pallares & Ingrida Wathen

Treasurer: Dominik Jamrich
Treasurer Assistant: Katy Muñoz

Videographers: Spencer Miller & Sarah Fischer

Special Events Managers: John Tiranno & Sofia Billanti